Help My Kid Eat

It Takes a Village

Help! My Kid Won't Eat!

Aren't you exhausted from all the stress and anxiety around mealtime? We're here to help.  Together we will help your child expand their sensory and food diet. We'll learn to make eating a fun and rewarding experience by playing with food! You will learn the basics of why your child is experiencing these difficulties and you'll be given the tools to help work through their food issues.

Welcome to Your Village!

Parenthood, especially when your kiddo is Neurodiverse or has sensory processing issues, can be really isolating. Our community has your back. Free tips, tools, and e-books to support you in the process of expanding your kid's diet. There are also more intensive courses you can take to get more customized support for your special little one. We’ve focused on developing your toolbox so you can experience a huge difference in your life.

Join Our Community If You Want:

  • Stress-free techniques to create an enjoyable mealtime for you and your child.
  • Insights into the root causes of your child's food difficulties and learn practical solutions.
  • Fun food-based activities that aid in expanding your child's sensory and food diet.

Enjoy Stress-Free Mealtimes

For $77/year (less than $8/month) You'll Get:

  • Weekly Shares: Your own personal feed filled with tips, tricks, information, studies, and recipes to better support your kiddo.
  • Group Chats: Parents share progress, gain support, and discuss strategies with other parents going through the same struggle. You're not alone! Give and get emotional support, reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation.
  • Monthly 1 hour LIVE chat with a Behaviourist to get some of those burning questions answered
  • Printable Booklets with evidence-based guides, suggestions, recipes, journals, etc. You can track successes and better laser in on your little one's specific needs and target them specifically. 
  • Access to Events and Courses that give you individualized support customized for your family. Develop your personalized toolbox, so that mealtime can become effortlessly stress-free- actually, it will be fun!

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